I’ve been tutoring chemistry, and helping people learn other sciences and math, for over twenty years. I’ve also been a screenwriter (I optioned a comedy called Loud Larry to Warner Bros.), a writer, and am currently a singer-songwriter in a band called Crooked Roads.

My point in telling you all this is that I’m not just a chemistry teacher. I understand that not everyone likes science and math and I don’t think everyone should have to learn as much of it as they are forced to. If you enjoy learning it or will need it for your job great. If not, what’s the point?

But the reality is you’re probably here because you have to pass a chemistry class to get your diploma, so you can move on and do what you really want. I understand. You need to jump through the hoops. And you’d love some help jumping through them. Many teachers and textbooks, however, aren’t much help. In fact, you may have felt like they’re often talking a foreign language or that making concepts easy to understand is not their top priority.

This can be frustrating.

It can even make you think you’re stupid. Feeling stupid makes you shut yourself off more, which leads to even less understanding, which leads to more feelings of stupidity, and so on in a vicious cycle. But read on, I have good news for you.

No, I’m not going to try to convince you math and science are a magical wonderland of exciting discoveries. They can be, but that’s not my point. The good news I have for you is this: You are not stupid. It’s your teachers and textbooks that are stupid! OK, I exaggerated to make a point. Your teachers and textbooks usually mean well and know the material. But most don’t know how to teach the material. There’s a difference between being good at a subject and good at teaching a subject. That’s why in some cases you should pay for homework to be done.

I’m good at both.

What do some “teachers” tend to do? I’m sure you’ve noticed. They:

  • talk above the heads of the students.
  • move too fast.
  • use jargon and technical language you’re not familiar with.
  • •use too many words and not enough pictures and diagrams.

And when you ask for help, how many teachers act like there’s something wrong with you?

What about textbooks? Textbooks usually:

  • Are packed with dense text that makes your eyes glaze over
  • Have too many words and not enough pictures and diagrams
  • Use jargon and technical language when simpler, more everyday language would make the point more clearly.

So by now, you’re probably wondering what I have to offer.

But you also probably have a general idea of what it is. Because you intuitively know how you need to be taught. You know that if someone would just talk to you like a human being, and walk you through concepts using everyday language, you could learn chemistry or any subject you choose.

Through a combination of my interests outside of math and science, a natural ability to explain things clearly, knowing the material, and honing my teaching skills over thousands of hours of tutoring, I have become an outstanding teacher.

I can teach you in a way that makes learning effortless. You just didn’t know it was easy.

Almost all my students had trouble learning material from teachers and textbooks and almost all my students learn easily from me. They say things like,

  • “Hey, that’s easy!”
  • “That’s it? That’s all there is to it?”
  • “That’s the first time anyone’s explained it to me that way. That makes total sense.”
  • “Why doesn’t the book just say that?”

My math and science eBooks do in a book what I do in person when I tutor students.

Unlike textbooks, each page is easy to read—the text is large, there is plenty of space and a diagram or picture on virtually every page to show you how things work. I also include another critical component: practice problems. But unlike textbooks, I write out the solutions to all the problems, not just the odd ones, and I show every single step. Doing practice problems that you can immediately check and learn from, after reading the lesson, makes it hard not to learn the material! You also don’t have to lug around a heavy textbook. You can keep it on your computer and just print the pages you need and keep them in your binder.

Finally, you don’t have to wait to get your book, as you would after ordering most textbooks. You can download my eBook immediately and get the chemistry help you need right now.