Teacher preparation programs expect prospective teachers to develop a classroom management plan that includes a lot of anticipatory management as well as preventative management. Preservice teachers are taught that having engaging lessons and an active presentation will draw even the most distracted students in and turn every classroom into an enriched learning environment.

There is great truth to this or it would not continue to be taught in so many teacher training programs. Understanding some of the principles behind this preventative methodology of classroom management is vital in order for it to be effective.

How to Turn Any Class into a Dream Class

Dream Class by Michael Linsin is an engaging book that describes how any teacher can have a great group of students who enjoy learning. Through the stories in this book, Mr. Linsin describes to his readers his own experiences with classroom management and shares how any teacher can create a dream class.

With clarity and humor teachers will read various stories about teaching and classroom management that illustrate a set of fifteen key concepts to excellent classroom management. This resource explains and illustrates the principles behind the preventative methodology of classroom management.

Steps for Managing Classroom Behavior

The reality of a poorly managed classroom is prevalent across millions of classrooms around the world. Michael Linsin explains the fifteen steps to create a great class:

  • Understanding how to provide proper freedom to students
  • Demonstrating to students
  • Building rapport
  • The importance of proper praise
  • Helping students become more independent
  • Expect more and helping students meet those expectations
  • Taking responsibility for the behaviors in the classroom
  • Requiring students to be accountable for their actions
  • Learn how to tell good stories
  • Working with shy students
  • Treating the cause of the problems that come up
  • Involving parents appropriately
  • Teach students to grow in maturity
  • Keeping the classroom clean

Learn How to Have a Dream Class

Remain positive in thoughts, words and deeds

Dream Class provides a great wake-up call for every teacher to take a hard look at classroom expectations and his or her own guidance in that classroom. Every summary point may not fit perfectly with each teacher’s personal style, but the concepts are right on target and something that every teacher needs to acknowledge.

As a new group of teachers comes closer to their first classroom of students, the classroom management plan is an important mental exercise. Each individual needs to evaluate his or her own expectations of students, and understand exactly how those expectations will be taught and revisited as needed.