Penn State is one of the largest universities in the United States and takes pride in the fact that many of its services are run by students for the students. There are a wide range of jobs to choose from, but here are the top 5 jobs on campus that allow students to gain valuable work experience and earn money while offering flexible schedules:

Resident Assistant

Campus Jobs at Penn State

Being a resident assistant (RA) is one of the most rewarding jobs on campus and comes with a lot of perks including some tuition reimbursement and free room and board. RAs are expected to build strong communities in the residence halls, implement social and educational programs, create monthly newsletters, bulletin boards, assist in emergencies, and enforce regulations in the residence halls.

Competition for the RA position can be fierce and only sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to apply. Students who are interested in the RA position are expected to fill out an application, participate in an interview with an area coordinator, and take a semester-long class. At the end of the RA class, they are evaluated by the instructor and recommended to different residential areas based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Applications can be found at any of the ResLife offices located in the commons area.

Lion Line

Lion Line may not be one of the most well-known jobs on campus, but it definitely provides a lot of great opportunities for students to master fundraising skills on the phone and has one of the most flexible work schedules for students on campus. Students call PSU alumni for donations on behalf of various academic programs, charities, clubs, and updates their records in the system. Student callers can earn a decent wage from bonuses based on the amount of donations they receive in addition to the base pay. Working at Lion Line is a great way for students to get in contact with alumni and see what Penn State graduates have done with their degrees.

Food Services

Penn State Food Services has one of the largest work forces on campus and gives students a wide range of experiences in the food and restaurant industry. Students can gain valuable work experience as cooks, servers, and caterers. In addition, there is a lot of room for advancement to management positions, which gives students opportunities to gain great leadership skills. Training is provided and work schedules are flexible. Students can pick up an application at any of the dining commons or food services offices.


Penn State has one of the largest university libraries in the nation and there are plenty of job opportunities available. Most of the jobs at the library are desk jobs and allow students to work on homework from time to time. In addition, certain positions at the library train students to use various software, which can be a good for students interested in going into library information systems. Getting a job at the library can be competitive so it’s best to apply early. Students can apply through the library’s website.


ResCom employees provide internet and computer assistance for students in the residence halls. The pay is significantly higher than most other campus jobs and is great for students interested in going into the computer science or IT field. Training is provided along with flexible work schedules in the evening and weekends. Applications can be found online or picked up at any ResCom desk.
Penn State offers a wide range of jobs for students, but these jobs stand out for offering students great work experience, pay, and work flexibility.