Argumentative Essay on Why Weed Should Be Legalized

If you’re thinking click here to find out more of writing an Argumentative essay on why weed should be legalized, you may want to start by considering the benefits of a legal marijuana industry. Consider the health benefits and economic benefits of a legal marijuana industry, and how you might argue for the legalization of this plant in your state or locality. After all, it’s a simple solution to a complex problem, and legalizing marijuana would free up police resources for more serious crimes.

Argumentative essay on legalization of marijuana

Legalizing marijuana for recreational use in the United States has sparked much debate over the years. While this controversial issue still has many opponents More Help, legalization has numerous benefits. Whether it is used for medical purposes or to reduce law enforcement expenses, there are several benefits to legalizing marijuana. Listed below are some of the main reasons why legalization of marijuana is a good idea. Let’s explore each of them.

Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana

Legalizing marijuana would result in a number of benefits for the economy, including the creation of millions of new jobs. It would also bring in substantial tax revenue and sites reduce the burden on our overburdened prisons and court systems. Legalizing marijuana would also free up prisons from high-turnover inmates and click here for more info help cut the costs of the criminal justice system. Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana are discussed below.

Health benefits

One of the most widely reported health benefits of marijuana is its use for pain control. While marijuana does not have the same potency as opium or morphine, it can significantly reduce pain, even in severe cases. Its relaxing effects can also help those with sleep disorders. While marijuana is not an opioid replacement, some researchers believe that it has the potential try this site to be a good substitute for NSAIDs. This would mean a lot of potential health benefits for those with chronic pain.

Economic benefits

Legalizing marijuana could boost the economy of the U.S. by as much as $12 billion to $18 billion annually, depending on the state and industry. A new industry based on marijuana, similar to the Amsterdam style coffeehouses that sprouted in the Netherlands, could create as many as 50,000 jobs and bring in $1 billion in annual tax revenue. Legal marijuana could also click here now spur a new industry based on industrial hemp, which would become a large business in its own right.

Unregulated production and distribution of marijuana

Prohibition of marijuana supply has many costs, including corruption of public officials and loss of tax revenue. It has also resulted in violence in marijuana-growing regions in the U.S. While the exact extent of such violence is unknown, it is thought to be connected to the marijuana business in Northern California. Prohibition also discourages young people investigate this site from using marijuana and makes the industry less profitable and less of a status symbol.