Examples of Claims and Evidence for an Argumentative Essay

You can start an argumentative essay by discussing a controversial issue, such as Federal immigration law, taxes, or health care reform. Then, you can use read evidence to support your claim. This can be as simple as citing a study or an article, or as complex as arguing against a controversial issue. Here are some examples of claims and evidence to support them:

Federal immigration law is an argumentative thesis

During the last few years, many immigrants have sneaked into that site the United States illegally. They obtained study and visit visas but did not renew them when they expired. In spite of this, they now work in many sectors of the economy. Some have even made money in the United States. So, whether it is legal or illegal, there is a need for immigration laws find out this here to be changed.

Taxes are a form of argumentative thesis

If the topic of an argumentative essay is Taxes, then your thesis should be: “The federal estate tax should be repealed. This tax generates very little revenue.” Your thesis should identify a specific actor and be supported by evidence. For example, you may want to argue that a recent study shows that estate taxes result in increased crime and violence in prisons.

Health care reform is a form of argumentative thesis

An argumentative thesis is an essay that argues for you can check here or against a particular topic. Health care reform is an example of an argumentative thesis. It will be beneficial for society, the economy, and the individual. Whether health care reform is beneficial is up to the writer, but the process of reforming the system will benefit the country in many ways. Argumentative thesis examples include the following:

Evidence to support a claim in an argumentative essay

The evidence to support a claim in an argumentative paper is essential to convincing your audience that you have the evidence you need to back up your claim. You must why not find out more use evidence effectively and lead your reader through the reasoning process in order to convince them to agree with you. Different types of evidence will be necessary depending on your discipline. A literature paper, for example, will use quotes from literary critics go to my site to support their claim. A lab report, on the other hand, will use data from experiments.

Examples of claims in argumentative essays

In an argumentative essay, you make claims. These claims can be based on your own feelings or facts. For example, you can make a claim that dinosaurs are going extinct, or that the death penalty should be banned. You can also click this over here now make a claim that you believe in, such as that the death penalty is the best way to prevent a mass shooting. As with any other essay, examples of claims in argumentative essays will help you identify them, as well as provide inspiration for your own writing.