How Long is a One Hundred and Twenty-Four-Word Essay?

How long is a one-hundred-and-twenty-word essay? The answer depends on the task. In general, it can be anywhere from a short college paper to a mid-length high school essay. However, there hop over to these guys are some exceptions. A single-spaced page of 1200 words is about the same as two and a half pages of double-spaced text.

1200 words is about 4 pages

If you are writing a college essay, you will most likely have to meet the word limit click for source. A document of 1200 words is roughly two pages long, but you can get away with two pages of text if you’re careful about the formatting. However, if you need to write a mid-length blog post or product review, you can use this same length as your guide. The page count is also relevant if you’re writing for an audience other than your teacher.

9-12 paragraphs

Typically, a 1200 word essay is divided into nine to twelve paragraphs. Each paragraph contains one or more ideas supporting a single concept. You can estimate the number of paragraphs Discover More by thinking of each section of your essay as a main element. If a certain topic requires a long body paragraph, you might want to consider writing two or three. The more important points of an essay are discussed in the introduction, body, and conclusion.

2 2/5 pages double spaced

If you need to write an essay, you will have a fantastic read to keep the word count in mind. A single-spaced paper with a word count of 1,200 words should be about two and a half pages. Double-spacing will give you more space. A 1200-word essay is also about four and a half pages if you use a standard twelve-point Times New Roman font and basic page margins.

1.1 pages for every 1 page written in Verdana

Using Verdana font to write a 1200 word essay would save on space, but it would cut down on the amount of words on the page. The average font used for academic essays is Times New Roman (12 point), and it creates 1.1 pages for every one page of Verdana. In addition, it would be less difficult to read your work in Verdana, which has a smaller line height.

0.9 pages for every page written in Times why not try here New Roman or Calibri

The font size and type used in your essay will have a direct impact on how many words you have per page. For example, if you’re writing an essay about a certain topic, it’s recommended to use Times New Roman additional info or Calibri, since these two fonts have lower page counts than Arial. However, if you’re writing for academic purposes, you may want to use Arial. This font is also less dense than Times New Roman and Calibri.