One of the most important considerations in writing an essay is how to cite an article from another source. The subject of citing sources is extremely important, as it will dictate what you can and cannot do when using them in your essays. It is not merely enough to cite the source, but it must be done correctly, using correct grammar and a correct format.

One of the most common ways of citing articles is through the use of the MLA (Marlborough Modern Language Association) format for text citation. This is also commonly referred to as an APA format and should not be confused with the APA format, which is used in articles that are for publication in print. In general, any source should be cited using the MLA citation form, as long as it reads in a proper manner and follows all the other rules of formatting. Any source that needs to be changed should be discussed in the author’s Note.

One of the main rules of how to cite an article in an essay is that a source should be cited in the same way as it was used. For example, you would write “Although it might seem unlikely, John Brown is a possible future President of the United States.” When using this format for a citation, the first sentence should indicate the full name of the author, and the third sentence should mention any additional information regarding that person. The author’s last name should also be spelled properly, using either capital or small letters. Source citations should always begin on the very next page, although there are some situations where it might be better to start on the next page.

Another aspect of how to cite an article in an essay is that the language should follow the normal rules of grammar, including proper punctuation. Using quotes or attributing specific words to the author would be acceptable, as long as these actions do not change the meaning of the article. Plagiarism should never be mentioned in a citation, as it is considered unethical. The only exception would be if it is necessary to refer back to specific words used within the original article (i.e., “While campaigning for President in 1964,” or “A top advisor to President John F. Kennedy” would need to mention the words” Presidential” and “heimer’s disease” in referencing to John F. Kennedy’s death, which was a disease that was related to a stroke he had suffered three months earlier.)

The Internet has made it easier than ever to pursue an article about a certain topic, no matter how difficult it may be to get a cite. If you would like to know how to cite an article in an essay, the first place to check is the Project Citation Manual for professors. This provides a list of conventions and guidelines regarding the use of citations throughout the written word. It also includes information on when it is appropriate to use an article citation, how to create a citing pattern and how to cite an article in an essay or paper.

Citing sources is a breeze if you know how. Do a little research on citations before using them, as some are not appropriate for certain situations. One good rule of thumb is to always use citations that are official. There is a caveat to this however: most textbooks and scholarly works have citations that are unofficial. This means that they are merely repetitions of ideas and facts used in a paper by another author. Official citations should always be used when quoting someone’s work.