How to reference a movie in an essay is one of the more difficult topics for writers to address. The essay should be well written, but at the same time it needs to make a point about the movie title. There are four main styles of referencing movies in essays, the APA format, MLA format, and the Chicago Manual. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, so a student needs to know which citation style they need to use in order to get the best possible grade.

The APA format is used by almost all professors and colleges in the United States. The advantages of using the APA format include that it is the most widely used format and that it is easy to understand. Students tend to do better in courses that use the APA format because they can learn what is required from the beginning without having to worry about understanding a complicated reference or book. The Chicago Manual is also a good reference for students because it is easy to understand and comes from an official source.

The other two styles of referencing a movie in an essay, the MLA and the Chicago Manual, are slightly different than the APA format. The Chicago Manual has been around for longer than the APA and as such, the rules are slightly different. Students should understand these rules before attempting to write movie titles in any type of format. In addition, both the Chicago Manual and the MLA require that the author’s name came first and that the last name of the writer is in the third person. These are just some basic requirements but understanding how to cite a movie title in an essay will help writers with their future careers.

The fourth style of reference is the APA format. The APA was designed as a standard by the American Psychological Association and like all academic writing style, it contains its own set of rules. The major difference between the APA and the Chicago Manual is that the former uses a semi-logical order while the latter uses a strictly logical format.

When using the APA format, it is recommended that students check to see if they have included all the information that they need. This includes completing the use of the capitalization of the words, writing the proper sentence terminologies, and knowing how to cite the movie titles correctly. Because the Chicago Manual is based upon the premise that students know how to cite a movie title, they do require quite a bit more information before they can begin. The Chicago Manual also requires that you write the name of the author and the director before mentioning the title and also provides you with four letters that you must use in order to properly spell the word out.

The fifth and final rule regarding how to format movie titles is that you must always start on a lower case letter and you must finish off on a capital letter. In other words, you must title your article using the capital letters only, even if it is a movie title. There are many instances where I have seen students struggle when it comes to formatting their movie titles. They make all types of mistakes, such as using all lower case letters when writing the names of the actors or actresses in the film and also using all capital letters when writing the titles. If you want to know how to format movie titles correctly, I would suggest that you check out the Chicago Manual and look at how the experts there lay out their material.