How to Introduce a Source in an Essay

When introducing a source in an essay, there are four general ways to do it: direct quotation, paraphrasing, and summation. For more information, see our article on Parenthetical references. Then, decide which method works best you can try here for your topic. Here are some tips:


There are two common ways to effectively paraphrase a source in an essay. Using a note card and looking away from the source will help you to distance yourself from the original and write the paraphrase in your own words. You must make sure to include all necessary information and quotation marks. You our website should also include key words from the original text and make sure to use the same wording in your paraphrase. This way, you will avoid the risk of plagiarizing.


In an essay, summarizing a source means taking a passage or paragraph and condensing its main ideas Your Domain Name into a few sentences. The first sentence of a summary should always contain a citation, while subsequent sentences may not have one. Paraphrase the main ideas of the original text. Paraphrased sentences do not require a full citation. A paraphrased sentence may contain only a key phrase or a quotation.

Direct quotation

When writing an essay, a direct quotation is a good way to illustrate your point. It allows you to show the reader that you get more have researched your subject and are familiar with the literature. However, you should be careful about incorporating quotations into your work. It will be difficult pop over to this site to create a coherent structure if the source is not properly cited. Fortunately, there are some tips to follow when using a direct quotation in your essay.

Parenthetical references

When citing other sources, the in-text citation should credit the ideas and information of others. There are different systems of citation used by different academic communities. The APA style relies on the author-date system. For example, “Smith and Wexwood (2002) found that women who engaged in weight-bearing exercise regularly experienced a significantly lower incidence of lung cancer than women who did not content engage in such activity.” The author’s name, as well as page number, must appear in parentheses after the quotation.


While using transitions when introducing a source is essential, there are many other ways to introduce a new source. Ineffective transitions rely on the logic of the sentence and vocabulary to make the changes. Using transitions effectively helps your readers follow this hyperlink your logical flow of ideas. A transition may be unnecessary or inappropriate for some manuscripts, however. In these cases, you should consider using the classic citation tools of BibMe Plus.