How to Start a Good Essay

If you’re wondering how to start a good essay, here are some helpful tips. Anecdotes are a great click to find out more way to begin an essay, as are interesting facts about your topic. Use Literary devices, such as transitional phrases, to add interest to your paper. You should also use literary devices to help you structure your work. Here are a few official source of the most common ones. Read them for ideas.


When writing about a certain event, one of the best ways to capture the interest of your readers is to use anecdotes. Anecdotes are short, personal stories that you can use to draw your audience into your story. These stories can also carry your theme, if you are writing about a specific moment or event. You can also why not try these out use anecdotes to illustrate a point or teach your readers something. In order to start a good essay with anecdotes, make sure to follow a few rules.

Shocking or amusing fact

A shocking or amusing fact can be a powerful hook to attract readers’ attention. The fact can be shocking or amusing, but it must be relevant to your subject matter. A quote by Albert Einstein will have much more impact than the latest Kardashian click to read more gif. Also, a shocking fact should be related to your thesis. This way, the reader will be interested in reading more of your essay.

Literary devices

If you want to make your writing more interesting and engaging, you can use literary devices. These devices can add pace, wit, and depth to your work. They make the reader think and make them delve deeper into your work. Here are three examples of literary devices. -Metaphor

Transitional phrases

Using transitional words is a great way to tie together your entire try this out paper. These words show the reader that you agree or disagree with a point that was previously made. They also serve as markers of contrast or conclusion additional hints. The content of the paragraphs should support the relationship between the ideas in each paragraph. Learning about different transition words will help you choose the right one for your paper. These are just a few examples.


How to start a good essay begins with an announcement of the topic. Be careful not to make generic announcements that distract from the main point of your paper. Instead, state why the topic is important. For example, the useful link topic of your paper might be “plastic bags kill over a million sea creatures a year.”