How to Write a Books Name in an Essay

If you want to write about a book, you may be wondering how to write the name in an essay. Here are some helpful tips. First, make sure the title of the book is italicized unless you are writing a short work. Also, keep in mind that there are exceptions to this rule, such as in cases of alliteration why not try here and quotation marks. If you want to capitalize the title of the book, you should do so after the first word.

Italicize book titles for longer works

Most of the time, book titles should be italicized, and preferably surrounded by quotation marks. When citing a book, italicize the title to signal that you are giving it special attention. This will also make the reader aware that the book is separate from other material you are Continue Reading referencing. While there is no universally accepted standard, it is common practice to italicize a book’s title whenever possible.

Exceptions to the italicization rule

Book titles generally don’t require capitalization, but some authors may use italics. Some examples are the LOTR trilogy, where titles are enclosed find more in quotation marks and treated as a separate part of the main book. Sacred books, such as the Bible, are referenced within a chapter. Also, verses in books should be formatted in the same way as the surrounding text.


You can incorporate alliteration into your writing if you’re attempting to convey the tone of the book. Using different consonant sounds convey different meanings, such as “Behemoth” for the largest being born on Earth. A turtle sheds its shell when it feels the warmth of the sun. Other examples of alliteration used in writing include “Turtle,” “Sun,” and “Behemoth.”

Quotation marks

APA style requires quotation marks for most book titles, except for Bible, almanac, and dictionaries. It is common to write a books name in quotation marks in an essay, but in some cases site here, the author’s name is not part of the book. This should not be an issue when citing a book in an essay, though. If you want to make sure the reader can follow the correct spelling, you should put quotation marks before the name of the book.


The rules for capitalization when writing a books name in an essay vary depending on style format. The MLA and Chicago styles capitalize the first word of the book name, and every other word except for prepositions and coordinating conjunctions. The APA style capitalizes the first word and every other word with at least four letters. The following are some examples of how to correctly capitalize a books wikipedia reference name: