What to Write My College Essay About

Despite the common misconception, you may wonder what to write my college essay about. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Possible topics for a college essay

College essay topics that appeal to your personality are a great way to attract admission officers. For read this instance, an essay about a move across the country is a good choice if you are a person with a wide range of interests. It will show that you are passionate about pursuing a particular interest. However, keep in mind that a move across the country can be a bit cliché. Try to focus on the background theme of the move and not the specific event itself.

Value-added elements

College admissions counselors are interested in students with unique traits, leadership directory skills, passion, and inclusiveness. You should highlight these traits in your college essay and use your own voice. Highlight your experiences and interests. Make it memorable. Don’t forget to include the list of your extracurricular activities. Incorporate your voice throughout the essay and include the details that click over here will make it stand out from the rest. Highlight your personal traits and experience to stand out from the other Visit This Link applicants.

Approaching the topic from a unique angle

When writing a college essay, you should approach the topic from a different perspective. While the Common App will develop several common topics for applicants, it is up to you to come up with a new angle for your essay. Try to write about something you have never written about before, such as a past experience, a piece of your childhood see it here, or an event in your life. Then, show the reader something about yourself that they may not have known.

Avoid writing about someone you look up to or admire

While it may be tempting to write about someone you admire or look up to, it can sound disingenuous. Choose someone you admire, but make sure they don’t have a lot in common with you. Write about something that makes you proud of them and not about yourself. You can also include your own story or experience, but avoid choosing someone who looks up to you. A great way to be original and show your unique perspective is to write about a person you visit the site admire.

Avoid writing about Covid-19

The best way to avoid writing about COVID-19 in your college essay is to focus on something completely different. While COVID-19 was an incredible experience, the admissions committee may be a little tired of reading COVID-19-related essays. Your personal statement should showcase your unique attributes and dig this experiences, not just describe a common event. Instead, focus on what sets you apart from other applicants. In this way, admissions officers can judge your application based on your unique experiences.