Have you been asked to write a college essay? Are you looking for some guidance in the types of topics you should write about and the structure of the assignment? If so, read on because this brief guide about the three most common types of college essays is going to be your best friend for the duration of your college career. So put your computers down and gather your pens, because this is a quick overview of the three main college essay styles.

The first type of essay is primarily for students who have chosen a college that is new or one that is not well known on the national scene. These students might be recent college graduates or transfers from another university that are pursuing their Bachelor’s degree at another university. For them, the essay is a chance to set themselves apart from the crowd. The main reason why they are interested in a particular college lies in the fact that it is well known within their community. This is usually a positive sign for them since many Freshmen often find their campus appealing and formative learning experiences. They are trying to prove that they belong in the place where they are most excited about going to school.

The second type of essay is one that addresses current college issues and concerns. This can be written about any number of current college issues including the recent graduation of a popular college sport or controversy about a recent faculty resignation. These kinds of examples make it easy for readers to picture what they would have felt had they been enrolled at the same college or university.

The third is what is known as an assessment essay and is usually written as a response to a college admissions essay. Students will be asked to evaluate the college and to justify their personal thoughts about the merits of the university. This is a particularly good example of a college essay, since it is a response to one of the college admissions essays. Since students have already demonstrated their interest in the university, this gives them an opportunity to reiterate this interest in their application for admission.

Finally, the fourth type of college essay is a personal statement. A student will have to express their personal opinion about the university, its campus, academic programs, and other important aspects. This is often one of the most difficult sections for college admissions officers to read. They need to know why a candidate is interested in the college, why they think the way they do, and what they hope to accomplish upon graduation. It is also usually written on the basis of personal experience rather than on a generalized basis.

Writing a college essay is a very challenging undertaking for many students. Those who have not had experience writing college essays usually find this process a bit overwhelming. Those who have had significant success with writing college essays normally find this part of college admissions to be relatively easy and straight-forward. The key to successful completion of a college essay is having a plan that includes specific offerings that help the writer to fully develop their individual ideas and to connect those to the university.