Why My Vote Matters – Four Reasons To Take Advantage Of Your Right To Vote

Whether a high school student, college student, or young adult, they will always consider voting at one point or another in their lives. And this may even happen during the early academic life of such a student when choosing class representatives or school leaders. It is also important for these same students to understand why their vote makes a difference to how their lives turn out in the future. That is why I have written this why my vote matters essay.

I want to begin by recognizing everyone who has ever been affected by our country’s representative government system. Since our country is founded upon the premise of majority rule, which refers to a system where the people have a clear and identifiable voice in deciding how a government moved here action should be conducted, Americans have enjoyed those freedoms. This includes the freedom to vote for leaders to decide how the laws should be framed. They have also enjoyed the freedom to peacefully assemble and petition the government for change when they are unhappy with the outcomes of that change. As a result, Americans have had a vibrant history and current political system.

Unfortunately, we currently live in a time where voting is very difficult for many voters. voter turnout has decreased over the past few decades, primarily due to lower voter registration in many states. With fewer people voting, our politicians are now more focused on fundraising rather than how they use this link will serve the people. Because of this, many people feel their “vote doesn’t matter” anymore.

There are a number of reasons why a person should care about why their vote matters. One reason why my vote matters is that I get to be part of determining how our representatives will get re-elected or defeated. I can vote for someone and influence how that person’s career is ushered in. I can also impact the way the laws are passed because I have a say in how they are framed. In this way check my site, why my vote matters makes me feel a sense of power and control.

A second reason why my vote matters stems from the importance of the election in general. Since the election is the highest vote-getter in a legislative body, representation can literally make or break legislation. Each legislature is controlled by one major party that has set up an all-white house to represent them. For example, if one party controls the governorship and the majority of seats in the legislative body, there is little opportunity for the minority party to even enter into the equation. As a result, laws are often restrictive and often benefit the majority party rather than the minority party that would like to see change.

A third reason why my vote matters comes from the fact that it influences the political landscape of not only my state, but of the entire country. Every citizen is entitled to one vote. This right is recognized in the US constitution and should be protected. However, there are many instances when the minority does not get their “fair share” of seats in a legislature, resulting in legislation that disadvantages them.

The fourth reason why my vote matters stems from the impact it has on the outcomes of other contests for office. When a candidate receives more than the necessary number of votes to win the election, their supporters might not receive their fair share of delegates. Similarly, a candidate who receives check the minimum number of votes may end up winning the election without receiving a proportional number of proportional rewards. This “top two” rule is not permissible in most states under the current rules. In these cases, winning the election by a less than expected margin can create an unfair advantage over opponents.

These four reasons as mentioned above are not the only ones why a why my vote matters essay is important to write. One of the most compelling reasons visit why a why voting process should be done is because of the impact it has on the overall outcome of elections. People tend to look to their representatives and leaders to shape the direction of the country. A why my vote matters essay puts the issue in the public spotlight and asks citizens why they should cast their vote, why their vote matters, and how their voice can change the political landscape.